The Benefits of Shade Grown Coffee

Does buying shade grown coffee really help birds? The answer is resoundingly yes. Over a decade’s worth of research has gone into the benefits of shade grown coffee, but it is still not completely known how it benefits wildlife. Traditionally, only the understory of the forest would be cleared to farm coffee, and the trees… Continue reading The Benefits of Shade Grown Coffee

Interview with Adam Betuel

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Betuel, Director of Conservation here at the Atlanta Audubon Society to discuss how urban dwellers can make a difference with bird conservation.  As Director of Conversation, he spends his days doing exactly that, so I figured it was a good place to start. The… Continue reading Interview with Adam Betuel

Poll Results: Why Don’t People Have Bird Feeders?

First of all, thank you all so much for participating in the poll! I would love for this blog to be able to help everyone feel like helping bird populations grow is something they can achieve no matter what. I was really encouraged to see how many people have feeders, and even with a small… Continue reading Poll Results: Why Don’t People Have Bird Feeders?

Why are birds disappearing?

All around the world birds are vanishing. This decline in population is caused by several factors; urbanization, poaching, deforestation, feral and outdoor house cats, are just a few of the ways humans are directly contributing to the loss of hundreds of species of birds, particularly migratory birds. Birds not only deserve to be conserved on… Continue reading Why are birds disappearing?